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I Don’t See Race

13,1 M
9,2 K

I guess my eyes have just evolved to be like, so progressive.

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Katie Marovitch

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Even Babies Discriminate: A NurtureShock Excerpt. - Newsweek
At the Children's Research Lab at the University of Texas, a database is kept on thousands of families in the Austin area who have volunteered to be available for scholarly research.

Race and the Priesthood - The Church of Jesus Christ of ...
In theology and practice, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints embraces the universal human family. Latter-day Saint scripture and teachings affirm that God loves all of His children and makes salvation available to all.

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Three quarters of whites don’t have any non-white friends ...
If you're interested in how PRRI arrived at these numbers, see the methodological note at the bottom of this post. In a 100-friend scenario, the average white person has 91 white friends; one each of black, Latino, Asian, mixed race, and other races; and three friends of unknown race.

Race (human categorization) - Wikipedia
Defining race. Modern scholarship views racial categories as socially constructed, that is, race is not intrinsic to human beings but rather an identity created, often by socially dominant groups, to establish meaning in a social context.

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