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First Burn // Animatic

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Ahh!! I'm sooo happy I finishe it!! It was a journey!

I wanted to draw as many sons of Alex and Eliza i could. So, when all the affair scandal happend Philip was 15 years old, that's why they are only Philip, Angelica, Alex Jr, James, John and little William.

I wanted to draw as much Philip as possible TvT BECAUSE HE IS AN ANGEL.

I really hope you like it!!

Did you saw it??

-One of the ladys that talks to Alexander, is the woman that in my congratulations animatic appears and tells Eliza that she is not good enough.

-The letter of Alex to Eliza while he was on the war.

-All the sons of the Hamilton family (at the moment).

-The man on the Hamilza wedding is Yuki, the main character of my comic with Keemanton.

-Angelica was with the kids in the garden.

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