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7-Second Riddles
7-Second Riddles
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It's not a secret that every brain put there needs a nice brain workout every day, just like your body, so it stays sharp. Research have already proved that solving clever riddles and logic puzzles will help you increase IQ level and improve your analytical skills. These 14 clever riddles and illusions to impress your friends and family with the level of your logic:

00:14 - A tricky picture puzzle to test your attention and general knowledge. You have just 25 seconds to find the mistakes in this picture of a typical day in Ancient Rome. Seems to be a walk in the park? I thought the same😁 How many of them did you spot?

01:24 - Crime riddle to test your logic skills.

02:52 - A fun personality test to check if you're all right with kissing😉 But no laughing! Kissing isn't only about biology, but rather about how comfortable you are with the other people. This short simple test will make you reflect upon what impression you make and how good you are at interaction with people. I never thought I can be a kind of insecure person, but now that I've had a little time to think, I see it's true. Tell me if it was all true about you!

05:22 - Warm up your brain with this short emoji puzzles with your favorite brands encrypted! To solve this emoji quiz, you need just a bit of imagination and concentration, because the answers are really obvious. Enjoy the visual puzzles with answers and keep your mind sharp!

07:00 - A set of cool optical illusions that will easily and precisely test your personality.

08:58 - These tricky brain teasers are the best way to start your brain exercises: easy, fun and tricky just a bit, so your brain will get the signal to get ready for the main brain workout!

11:22 - What do you see? Tricky pictures to play mind tricks on you.

TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS you hashtags from the last test (11:22).

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