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I Asked My Mom 11 Intimate Questions Before It's Too Late

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I have no idea what to expect.


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B/W 1960's group of Asian women and children walking / Vietnam / SOUND

Petrified Films - Footage/Getty Images

1960s MONTAGE daily village life as families prepare food and haul water / Vietnam

Archive Films/Getty Images

B/W 1960s burning huts in village / Vietnam War / newsreel

Film Audio Services - Footage/Getty Images

1960s slow motion aerial wide shot succession of napalm bombs exploding over country village / Vietnam

Green Mountain Post Films - Footage/Getty Images

1960s Vietnam War rear plane point of view US plane dropping white phosphorus and napalm on village / Vietnam

American Rogue/Getty Images

B/W 1960's burning building collapsing in village /Vietnam / SOUND

Petrified Films - Footage/Getty Images

B/W 1960's Vietnamese family cleans up destroyed village / Vietnam / SOUND

Petrified Films - Footage/Getty Images

B/W 1960s car point of view past burning hut in village / Vietnam War / newsreel

Film Audio Services - Footage/Getty Images

B/W 1960's Asian man carrying 2 children running in street / Saigon / NO SOUND

Petrified Films - Footage/Getty Images

1975 medium shot woman carrying child on her back and other Saigon evacuees aboard US carrier ship

Film Audio Services - Footage/Getty Images

Downtown Los Angeles - 4K

LPETTET/Getty Images

Pedestal up of palm tree in Los Angeles at sunset

Oliver Knight/Getty Images

USA American Flag

DeSid/Getty Images

Santa Monica beach July 4th holiday idyllic late afternoon beach scene with people enjoying the gentle surf, lifegard stand and palm trees

Mark Steven Shepherd/Getty Images

Downtown Los Angeles Time Lapse Dusk to Dark

Spiderplay/Getty Images

Aerial tracking shot of a beautiful sunrise sparkling off the ocean as the pier seems to go on forever into the blue abyss.

Nathan1/Getty Images


Sony Pictures Entertainment/Getty Images

The Vietnam collection 2

ITN/Getty Images

The Vietnam collection 2

ITN/Getty Images

Vietnam Villagers Evacuated

Onyx Media, Llc - Footage/Getty Images

1960s MONTAGE MS children walking to school as man rings bell / CU man ringing bell / MS children gathering in classroom / Vietnam

Archive Farms - Footage/Getty Images

1960s MONTAGE Vietnamese family fleeing village during Vietnam War / Young boy crying near dead body / Vietnam

Encyclopaedia Britannica Films - Footage/Getty Images

1975 MONTAGE South Vietnamese refugees running in a panic toward waiting US military helicopter after the fall of Saigon / Saigon, South Vietnam

Encyclopaedia Britannica Films - Footage/Getty Images


Kelly Duong


Devy Setiady

“6 Common Questions Asked By Wives of Porn Addicts.”
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